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About us


Overview Introduction

GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY APPLICATION AND DEVELOPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY (GAD) was established in 2008, operates in the fields of Telecommunications Technology, Information Technology and Communications, Automation Technology, Co. Environmental Technology and Services. GAD is known to be one of the leading companies in providing technology solutions to the most efficient and best services in areas such as: Telecommunications, Information Technology, Environmental Systems Equipment schools, environmental treatment, Electrical, Electronic, Security Equipment, Automation, Software telecommunications, electronic commerce, ..
Criteria: "Always provide solutions and best service to customers to ensure efficiency and maximum benefit for our customers. The development and success of the company is assessed by the efficiency and customer satisfaction. " During its operation, our company always provides customers with technology solutions and optimal service to customers, in order to meet satisfy all needs and ensure the effectiveness and benefits customer maximum.
Based on his criteria GAD Company has built a team of highly qualified, highly experienced and constantly growing in quantity and quality to meet the deployment requirements of all types projects for all types of customers. The company's staffs are regularly trained at home and abroad with the support of many foreign partner firms to update the advanced technology solutions, products and services, constantly improving professional qualifications in order to best meet the increasing requirements of our customers.
Since its establishment the GAD Company always get the confidence, trust and customer satisfaction. With a staff of highly specialized professionals are always complete and respond highest customer requirements.

Orientation and vision of the company

Not only provide customers with the best technology solutions, the product offers the highest efficiency, but our company is committed to providing customers with total solutions ranging from consulting, design, installation, technology transfer to after sales service and the best technical services after the sale, ensuring that solutions are developed maximally effective.
Wide distribution system with hundreds of agents in all provinces in the country, we always make sure to meet customer requirements as quickly as possible.
Do not just stop at providing the right solution with the actual needs of customers. We also always invest, expand and develop in the research, design innovative solutions, processes modern technology to upgrade and optimize existing systems and meet future demand.
Based on the core values ​​of the company is "Always provide customers with solutions and best service". Development orientation of the GAD Company's promote existing strengths as management, human resources, technologies, solutions, products and services, growth, agent system, trust from clients, ... the company while incorporating positive elements from outside to maintain and develop the achievements of the company to always be the leading company in the field of business and leading companies leader in the supply of services and service quality, and to develop the company into a strong group, developing countries invest in the region and established specialized subsidiaries to meet integration trends and the increasing demand of our customers.

Corporate solutions

Our goal is to provide "overall solution" to customers. The solution strengths of our company include:
- Complete Solutions Telecommunications, Media and Information Technology;
- Complete Solutions for Security and Automation;
- Solutions Information Systems and PABX for enterprises;
- Solution Access high-speed optical switch using optical and optical CPE;
- Optical Access Solution using GPON technology;
- Optical Access Solution using EPON technology;
- Solution dedicated Wifi with high scalability on large scale, utilizing the existing infrastructure of the customer (based Wifi Cloud);
- Wireless Solutions Dedicated to large enterprises, hotels, resorts, golf courses, ports, universities, hostels, cultural, residential ...
- Wifi 3G Offload Solution;
- Consulting Services Professional Wifi;
- IP Camera Solutions professional, easy monitoring, remote management effectiveness;
- Solution dedicated VoIP systems as well as the traditional PABX;
- The dedicated test solutions;
- Mobile Backhaul Solution;
- Management Software Solution hotels, telephone billing software;
- Solutions of Consulting Services, Design, and Construction of network infrastructure;
- Solutions of System Maintenance Services.